Please upload your guide track here (mp3/mp4 max. 10 Mb)

    Booking a remote session with me is quite simple:

    You just have to fill out the form, attach your guide track and you’re good to go! I will get back to you with a quote normally within 2 days time.
    If you rather drop me an email or Skype me feel free to do it.

    Be sure to include in the description all relevant information and instructions to the recording of your track. Every project is unique, so the more information you can give me the easier the process.

    Here are some examples of information I find very helpful:

    • BPM
    • Chart or lead sheet
    • Sound references or ideas that you want me to listen to

    If the guide track you are uploading exceeds the size limit, please use a file transfer service like DropBox or WeTransfer.

    Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop me an email and I will explain everything in detail and guide you through the process.


    Already a member at Soundbetter?

    If you are already a member at Soundbetter you can book me directly through their plattform.