You send me your guide track with all relevant information and instructions and I record the bass to that specific track. Be sure to include the BPM’s so that everything is on sync. When I’m finished I’ll send you several takes and most likely the job is done. Please visit the “How It Works” page for more detailed information

Remote recording sessions is a growing industry allowing musicians to work professionally from their own studios all over the world without the big costs of studio, gear and transportation. It is also a great way to meet and work with other musicians and composers that live across the globe.

A guide track will be the reference track to which I record to. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a mp3 is enough. I just need some kind of reference to which I can play to. Preferably you include the BPM so that my recording aligns perfectly with yours.

If you already have an idea for a bass groove, please send me a version (or sheet music) with bass and one without. If you don’t have any ideas for a bass line, don’t worry, I will come up with some.

It really depends on how demanding the song is. Usually in 2-3 days time you will get the first takes for the song. If you are happy with it, the process is finished and I’ll send you the files upon payment. If you think it still needs more work, then it will take a couple more days. The more detailed the description you give me, the faster I can start working. Chord charts and BPM’s are very helpful at this stage and make the initial process much easier.

My standard setup is 48kHz, 24 bit in both aiff and wav format. If you wish to have it at 44.1kHz that’s not a problem. If you have any wishes, please write them down on in the description.

Yes. After I complete the job and the payment is done, you own the copyrights to the bass line.

After the initial takes, I will make the necessary changes upon revision. Normally one revision is enough, but sometimes two are needed to do the trick. I will then send you a master track so that you can check if everything is ready to go. After the money is wired to my account I will send you files via DropBox or WeTransfer. I use Paypal for most of my payments. Clients in Germany can also choose to do a bank transfer.

Paypal charges me an extra fee per transaction, so if you live in Germany, I prefer if you make a bank transfer. But it’s entirely up to you!

If after 1-2 revisions you are not happy with the results, then maybe I’m not the right bass player for the job, which is perfectly fine and it doesn’t cost you anything. I always see being a musician as a relationship from which you always learn something!

After the initial process where you give me the instructions and I provide you with some takes, one revision is normally enough. But I want you to be completely satisfied with my work, so if the track needs more attention, I will record it again according to new instructions. For further revisions I start to charge extra.

My job relies on being professional and honest so if I have the feeling I’m not the right person for the job, I will tell you right away so that you can find another bass player who fits your needs.

We can communicate via Email, Skype or you can give me a call. Whatever works best for you. For initial requests I find it easier to have everything compact in an email where you send me your guide track along with all relevant instructions and material. For further discussion I recommend Skype.

I mainly use three different electrical basses (4-strings): Fender P/J (passive), Jazz Bass, Ibanez SDGR 704 (active). I have two amps that also work exceptionally well as DI’s: Euphonic Audio i350 and a MarkBass Little Mark. I play my late 1970’s German Upright Bass with a KKsounds Pickup together with a CAD-179 mic. Everything goes into Logic Pro through a Presonus Interface which delivers a very true sound.

Yes and no. My main goal is to deliver you a pure sounding bass track allowing you to have a sonically freedom in the mixing process. Nevertheless If you want me to use FX that’s not a problem. Just tell me what you have in mind.

Yes! Aside from being a bass player I’m also love to write music. As a solo artist I recorded two albums with my project “soloworks”. Just go over to Bandcamp and have a listen.

Well, that’s maybe a long one, but I’ll keep it short: I was born in Lisbon, Portugal where I grew up surrounded by music. I first played the violin, then the piano. When I was 10 I decided to learn guitar and found myself falling in love with music. I soon started to play school gigs and looking into the “technical” side of it like production, recording and composing. After years of playing guitar I discovered the bass. In my early 20’s I moved to Cologne to study jazz upright bass at Cologne’s Conservatory. Since then I’ve been working as a studio musician, side woman, session player, composer and solo artist mainly around Germany.

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