Step #1 - Get in touch

You get in touch with me through the BOOKING page where you can upload your guide track or mixdown of your track. If you rather do it directly per Email, you can also do it like that. Be sure to include all relevant information about your track and your needs! A BPM reference is pretty helpful so that I can align my recordings perfectly with your track.

Step #2 - Time for a quote

After I have listened through the song and read through your notes, I’ll get in touch just to be sure we are on the same page. If needed we can also go through technical details that have not been written in the description. 


Step #3 - Recording & Revisions

I go into the studio and record 2 to 3 takes to your guide track. I always try to make the takes as diverse as I can so that you can have lots to choose from.
I will send you a reference mix (your track with my takes) and if you still not happy with the results, you can make up to two revisions per track free of charge.


Step #4 - Payment

When you’re happy with the overdubs and I’ve received a Paypal confirmation, I will deliver you the files via DropBox or WeTransfer.

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